"Caracas in  a Modeling job and T.V. interview by Renne Otolina Show"

“Caracas in a Modeling job and T.V. interview by Renne Otolina Show”

On the airplane, I ordered a glass of wine and the stewardess (back in the 60s we called them stewardesses; they were beautiful and sexy looking oh and so young!) and she brought me a full half bottle, a liter of a good Merlot.The flight  went fast; it was a short flight  as I recall, three hours more or less, and I was still not believing that I was out of Maracaibo after four months of hell. Well, that was enough of Maracaibo, for ever!~

"Red Carpet in Hollywood whit Jack Millman,(my x Husband)"

“Red Carpet in Hollywood whit Jack Millman,(my x Husband)”

My thoughts: How could Tad abandon me after that love,that he professed? how cowardly, he left not even a note of good by or a letter, nada! Well, he is too young, that was my  excuse for him in my mind, so I could feel better and keep on living.

But I was  carrying that  resentment of abandonment, with deep pain , and down deep in my subconscious, remembering that my father abandoned us after he went through so much to escape from Russia to Venezuela! and then to leave us and go back to Russia, this did not help me …. Ya basta no more pain, let’s have some  fun.

Just keep on  going Ludmila, my heart kept saying,  this is an exciting life you are living today, and tomorrow, tomorrow is another day, which we’ll begin for the rest of you life, so smile , and smile I did.

Now in Maiquetia I  wanted to continued straight to Canaima, but in those days they had only one flight a day and that not every day. But my luck was that tomorrow they had another flight to Canaima, in that little plane, the one I missed today, so I better find a hotel for tonight.

Walking downtown, I found a hotel where so many times we had stayed,William and I, sniffing cocaine (and we had to sniff it fast because of the humidity in Macuto, which is next to Maiquetia Airport, the town where all the hotels and restaurants were). All year round all the big bananas would come there with their lovers or families too have fun in the sun!  Too  many memories of making love all morning, staying there until it was dinner time and back to Caracas, of course after William would go to the Port de Aduana (Costumes) on the large pier, to check in his cargo of merchandise of liquor that had arrived from the U.K.

"London" 1957.

“London” 1957.

I did not want to stay there this time.Not too far away, a couple of  blocks farther, and there it was, this lovely family hotel in front of the water, the one where I stayed with Galina a long time ago in the 1950s.when we visited Anatoly Island together. I registered for my room on the 3rd floor overlooking the Caribbean; the street below was full of palm trees swinging in the tropical breeze, and across was a cliff where the gigantic waves were breaking strong, and with the moonlight playing beautiful lights on the water and group of musicians playing song and dance music in the street,  and  right there in that big cliff was a restaurant that look like it was hanging off the side , with the waves breaking under it. I sat on the corner where I had more of the view in each direction and ordered a Martini double, dry with just a splash of vermouth. The Venezuelan cuatros guitars were in a small group of 3 men and maracas y tambor; they were singing old Venezuelan songs joropos and one of them that was a known world wide “Alma Llanera”

The group of musicians kept on playing, so I had music, moonlight, good fish (grilled with garlic],  but I was alone just alone. many men asked me to dance , but I said no gracias no to all of them,  I was not in the mood! So I walked back to the hotel, tired but happy and content, taking a long shower and same Cacique Ron  then  going to sleep early, because tomorrow I had to be  back at the airport to fly to Canaima very early.

Sometimes I had time to sit in the hammock on the  balcony, contemplating the beautiful view of Maracaibo, looking far way and thinking: what have I done so far in my life? Yes, many fun things: whisky, cocaine, orgies, romances and same serious work as a model traveling everywhere, but as an actress I did not have what it takes. I was a very good model. I did well and even taught younger models at several modeling schools, one of them Jocelyn Ryan. But partying was always my first choice. I was selfish, vain, arrogant. I was very elegant, young and with an interesting beauty, even though I did not think so. Every man and woman said so, and I was still living in my fantasies, high on that swing, higher and higher I went but no higher in my career or the stardom I had dreamed about long ago!  I had fun, that was all: me me me, parties and more parties!

Even after my three abortions with William, I did not know what sins I was committing. I realize today that not only was I a sinner but a criminal also. The worst part is that I would regret this later, even for the rest of my life and miss the children I might have had. But back then I only wanted to do as I pleased.As the saying goes in Russian, “Every pig  has his day.”  Well, soon enough my day of reckoning arrived, but in the meantime I was  drinking, partying promiscuously in total  libertinage, although I could not hide my pain from myself, or take it away or make it disappear. God, what have I done with my life?

The White Storm

The White Storm

So the time came that I really wanted to have children. When I was in jail I had a chance to meet a very good specialist in fertility, so I consulted him, told him I am trying to get pregnant to no avail. I want children to love and take care of and protect. I tried with Jack and then Jose and now with Tad, but nada nada….So taking advantage of the jail I consulted this famous doctor, I went through all kinds of exams and tests,  they put a microscope inside of me with a long tube with a camera at the end. They inserted it in my uterus and made other tests, very unpleasant and painful too! As a rule they did not gave prisoners anesthetic or pain killers, so cruel!  But I had to see why I was not getting pregnant; eventually this  specialist in Maracaibo came to the conclusion that my tubes were closed, calcified, obstructed by a growth in them as a result of bad abortions. The sperm could not  pass inside, and that meant that I would never have children, never would I hear  the word “mama”  At home I still had the magazines and books I bought when I first learned I was pregnant. I remember I was so happy about it! How did William ever persuade me to do this horrible thing? All the cocaine and alcohol I guess! I was so happy reading about my pregnancy,  preparing, until my beloved convinced me to wait until Patrick was born, jajaja!

This advertising  was even in Maracaibo, on a billboards in the streets

This advertising was even in Maracaibo, on a billboards in the streets

As it is my life today : I think that is O.K..not to have children because I was not capable at 16 and half to raise any children properly with no education or career and money or husband to help me!  I was just a lost soul, as fragile as the wind going in all directions at once.

Still today, once in awhile I get very sad and tears roll down my cheeks, thinking what would they look like and how would they be?, then I say the prayer, God gave me the serenity to accept the things…”. in that time I did not know any better prayer except the Our Father.”

The life in Maracaibo was uninteresting to me, I just wanted out. So off I went to the airport and after updating my ticket with no problem I got on the plane to Maiquetia, the Caracas airport. My cat was in my bag quietly sleeping and the flight was no longer than it took me too have a couple of martinis with Beefeaters. That gin in of course, one of William’s  exclusive concessions for his liquor business. I was still thinking about William, so how sick was I? What power that man had over my life! Even now if he whistled, I would  run to him.During that flight I remembered a story when he flying to Maracaibo, the plane was hijacked and ransom was paid!  It was all over the news papers.  

Dye my hair black so I woud blend whit the local woman

Dye my hair black so I woud blend whit the local woman

Landing in few minutes,: there was the  coast of the Caribbean, we are landing in Maiquetia!

Kitty and I were now leaving in a Penthouse, and life was getting more to my liking! After I drank  a whole bottle of very good wine and smoked a cigarette that was in the cabinet, now I was  relaxed and “feeling no pain. Now, I realize how totally unconscious I was about another people property, I was so arrogant and proud (of what?)

I proceeded to take a nice hot shower (the apartment had air conditioning) and then feed my kitty, put my Indian dress and some make up on, and I was ready to go out to explore and see what adventure or mischief I could get into next! Well, saved by the bell– the doorbell rang, and guess who, Pedro and the other policeman  that we yousto played cards when in jail. Well, come on in!

One of my last jobs, not even in my nightmares did I think I be soon in jail

One of my last jobs, not even in my nightmares did I think I be soon in jail

“Ola Pedro, pasa pasa. After the usual bullshit, I said to them (without inviting them to sit down), sorry I was just going to eat something and look around the city with a friend. Why don’t you guys come tomorrow evening and we’ll play some cards. O.k, okay,. hasta pronto, goodbye!.

How in the hell did they know where I was, unless they followed me? They must have been shocked that I had such heavy connections, but these were important society people, great friends of mine. Of course there was the incident at the border from Colombia to Venezuela and then the marijuana, (which was over I hoped), but I could continue with my life now, right?

Maybe I should have married Daud after my divorce? And maybe would not been in Jail?

Maybe I should have married Daud after my divorce? And maybe would not been in Jail?

Life was okay for a while, I was gambling drinking going to places, but most of all I enjoyed being in a nice place and relaxing. I think I finished off all the good wines , because my friend Javier when came back he was not happy! He did not scold me, but I could tell he was angry, so I moved out, seeing  that his girl friend was coming to stay with him, I got the hint! So there I go again, looking for a place to stay until I could get a permit of some kind to leave this infernal heat!


Now I was staying in a hostel where the bed was a hammock. Because of the unbearable heat you just can not sleep on a bad  without air conditioner, or you would wake up as I did many times wet  all over  with perspiration!

So from morning until the sun was high in the sky I went site seeing, I just walked back to the hostel shower and ate and lay on the hammock in the patio with other people living there like me. We entertained ourselves with small sweets notinsings talk, then on the afternoon taking a siesta with a drink in our hands, of course rum and coke with some ice–a strong one for me, and maybe watch some tv for an hour or two- then go back to sleep!

Maracaibo, 1960.

Maracaibo, 1960.

Maracaibo is a very rich, busy city because of the large reservoir of crude oil in the Lago de Maracaibo and being so near to Colombian border, he merchandise both legal and illegal, There was a market of Indian art and goods, so it was a  picturesque and fun city, and at night by  the lake their were lots and lots of bars, cabarets dancing ballrooms “a la latina.” So sometimes I would go there, to feel that  tropical breeze and smell of the sea air, in the gentle breeze with  the palms trees  swinging and the drinks coming, and that languid, romantic music of  Boleros and Tangos y Pasodobles and Rumba and Mambo so popular at that exotic time and why not to say sexy embrace of a hot man,  without any commitment, no cuchi cuchi involved..

So I managed to have what I call a good time.

Lots of very famous Mexicans were there at one time or another– Pedro Infante and other Mexican singers were in town in one time, and then others famous  performers Andy Williams , Mario moreno, etc,  but I did not want them to see mi in the situation I was in. To meet then I would have too been staying in the best hotel with the best clothes.

How strange it seems to me now that I needed that facade then, so people would like me or love me, only now I really it is O.K. to  be myself and show the real me…


As I am writing this blog,  a few weeks ago my mini Chihuahua Linda died and then two days ago my beloved companion and loyal friend Herbie,  a gorgeous beige champagne and white Chihuahua,  died of a heart attack.

I really don’t feel like writing now, but this is life on life’s terms and I am no longer a child that wants only to play charades and pretend to be happy. I want to do the responsible thing and be who I am,  and that takes work, faith, and courage, there is plenty of time for fun, this time is for mourning cleansing the soul. It so happens that this is strict Lent in my Orthodox church, and a time for crying.

Well,  very early next morning there I was in the office of the secretary, making phone calls.

First I needed money, but I cannot call my friend the General in Miami after what I did there, so I will call the friend of my ex- husband, no… not Frank Hunter either, he was not very happy with the border situation, from Colombia to Venezuela. Well, I have only one possible choice,  it must be this one,  I have no other choice, I will call Howard! He is a true friend of my brother and me, since a long time ago.  ( I don’t remember exactly what I told him, I think I said I was robbed in the street, lost my wallet and purse, luckily I left my passport  in my hotel room.)

I hoped he would not ask the name of the Hotel, but knowing his discretion he did not, ( what a lie, the police have them, along  with all my credit cards and money). I just needed to borrow a couple of thousand Bolívares to get too my brothers Island.

Me In same place in Maracaibo awaiting my papers

Me In same place in Maracaibo awaiting my papers

(As I see it now I began to lose friends slowly but surely, because people were tired of this beautiful young lady being a drunk, constantly needing to be saved from one situation or he another.)

But how could I  tell him where I am it this moment,? But I did not need too,  I need say no more,

so I humbly ask for a loan.

 He ask, when? I replied  As soon as possibly! Can you get to my cousins office?  Well our Boulton office is also in Maracaibo and my cousin  Luis Javier will have a envelope for you.  Luckily, he did not go on asking me too many questions, and just said,  “see you when you are in Caracas. chauo, Chauo!”

My mama used to say good news travel far but the bad once travel even further!.

This is Monday,  well, how am I going too go too his offices on Wednesday? I am in jail…

……. Monday came and went.  Tuesday I awoke to a noise of lots of people, more accidents and officers everywhere, and as I got up from my hammock I noticed an envelope with no names and inside was my ticket to Caracas and my passport  and may small cash,Thank you my dear God.

This deserves same vodka or rum, I’ll see if I can send someone across the street to get me some with my gambling winnings and this cash to reciprocate there’s generosity, invite my police gambling friends..

But tomorrow I need to be in the offices at the embarcadero, the port offices of the Boultons is on Blvd. Marina,  down by the piers. How am I go to manage this one.? That evening I did not even look for a game of cards just put the bottle of Rum on their table,  and  I went too may hamaca with my Kitty lying thinking how  can I get out from here? when Pepita knocked gently, came on, she  said, “You can leave tomorrow morning early before everyone arrives at the offices, is that  O.K. with you?” , I mumbled something.  I think I was in shock or in fear?  What’s now?

I did have fun in that penthouse

I did have fun in that penthouse

About 5am I pick up my bundle of small possessions and my kitty, the door was unlocked and the guards were snoring endlessly. Silently I squeezed thru the doors, made the sign of a cross and very slowly start walking out of jail! I was out of this hell, but I needed money, so see about my ticket and get back to Canaima directly. I didn’t even want to think about stopping in Caracas the way I looked, so I thought, I will go as soon as possible to Anatoly Island and stay their for a while!.

That free air and the indian woman walking everywhere with the same dresses I bought for myself, only theirs were in different parents and colors, past the market place, had a cup of coffee very good that Andes coffee! everything look so new and different and bright, different aromas I smell and colors and he bluest sky I eversen , of course was hot most being on the late 90 already and is only early morning, don’t know but it did not disturb my happiness or erase the smile on my face,.

Now breathing the air from the sea, I knew I was going in  the right direction for the Boulton building.

After about an hour, I was by the piers full of cargo ships and oil pumps in the distance, in and out of the waters, that is what I smelled long ago– a mix with the salt and fresh air, it was not bad!.Actually I love at!.

There it was– the Boulton Building and by now it was about 8am almost, I still had my gold watch that Bernard gave me. I waited until the  doors  opened at 9 am. exactly, very English,  I walked into this nice building. Well, nothing to write home about, but they had a very pretty receptionist who said,  Welcome, can I help you? ( I did not expect less from the Boultons!) Beauty was a very important part of their lives and in the whole of the Venezuelan high society, some real aristocrats like the Boultons were descendants of the U.K.Lord Ships, So  I asked  for the office of Senor Luis Javier?  I  did not even  finish saying my name when she showed me into  his office, and closed the doors behind me. Sr. Luis Javier was  in the phone, showing me with his hand to come in and sit down.

He was slowly walking towards me while finishing the conversation, with his hand stretched out in salutation. We said hello and talked some little nothings, as I looked around this gigantic office, all mahogany walls, original paintings of pirates and Ocean views, fantastic wood  floors, giant beams on the ceiling, probably from some old ship. It  looked  everything was so rich and big, It reminded me of  one of the offices of General Marcos Pérez Jiménez very rich, only the Generals was knew money and this is old money, could help but  admire this incredible office,

just like in that office, the desk looked small in comparison to the gigantic room.  He offered me a cup of  tea or coffee, so I politely  accepted, and then he asked “Where are you staying?” I could not tell your, at the moment I am looking for a place for couple of days, ( I could tell he liked me, he had the  family taste,)   I said for the moment I left my place of residence and am looking for a lovely hotel; can you recommend one not very gregories!  (I forget to mention that my dear jailer said be sure to wait for my papers before leaving the city, so I still cannot go anywhere out of Maracaibo). It was like I was on parole until then.

Here is a envelope that my uncle Howard sent you, by our  courier, which I almost forgot (little did he  know I would not forget.)  “Thank you very much for that good coffee , Venezuelan ?  Yes, you know Luis I prefer the Venezuelan coffee from Colombian, which is very good, but in my opinion  “Caffe Imperial” was the one we bought,  when we lived here, we love it.

Then it was goodbye, adios gracias, I got up to leave, when he said  would you consider this?, you see I have to leave for Caracas in the morning and in my apartment I have everything anyone would need, with two bedrooms. You can stay there for few days until you are ready to leave.

“Oh no I couldn’t!”  “But please, my uncle would want you to stay–  please!” “Well, I accept but only until I find something suitable for me;

I be leaving Maracaibo shortly myself, I hope!”

So  I accepted his offer, he gave me the keys and the address and send me with one of his workers down to his place.

Things were looking better! of course, probably he thinks I am a girlfriend of his uncle, so he better be nice to me, this will probably  stop him from making a pass at me..

“We are here Senorita!” I have my things, just a bag of nothings and my kitty which strangely nobody said anything about, purring away happily. There we were on the third floor which is the last floor of the building the Penthouse! As soon as I closed the door, before even taking a shower or taking care of kitty, I looked for alcohol. Well well, he is very well stocked! There was all kinds of wines,whiskies, brandies, rum and other liquor! Whoopee! CHEERS.

In the Church they were holding communion. and of course being important people they had their reclinatorio which is a kneeling chair made of fine wood and covered in velvet, to kneel on. I was in the pew behind them with the rest of their family.  It seemed like they all where looking at me, wondering “What on earth is this prisoner doing with my parents?”  Of course I just kept praying and thinking “God let me be free of this nightmare,  I did not commit  any crime, why am I here?”

Now I need my 007

Now I need my 007

Wait a minute, did not commit any crime? Oh yes,  I had a half a roach in my pocket (it was not mine, it was my lovers, but nevertheless it was on my person) and seeds of Marijuana. It did not matter if I smoked it or not? I had them in my possession, but for 30 seeds, came on! Give me a break! It had been almost a month and a half and I was still a prisoner!

When the service was over, we walked over to the corner where there was a dinner place. The

rest of the family left, so the Licenciado, his wife and I sat down  in this restaurant “Maria’s” and between some food (glory be to God!), real food, we talked and I told them my story. They must have had a son who was on drugs or alcohol or something, because they were very sympathetic towards me and very gentle. I could read in her eyes tears wanting to come out, while he was concerned and gallantly containing his  emotions. Then he said I will try to help, and ask me don’t you have a lawyer?  Well, no and yes.. if you could give me permission to make some long distance calls to Caracas? I thought, maybe I can get someone to help me?…..

Smoking my dreams away

Smoking my dreams away

In  a few words, I understood that he would give me Monday the number of an abogado (Licenciado)  that was a very good friend of his– Lic. Lawyer Public Defender  Morales– to see if he could talk to the judge, they played golf together, to see about my case and when I would be going to court to finish this matter. The only thing I could say was GRACIAS, with tears in my eyes which I did not try to hide.

And when we were in the Cadillac,  I dared to ask if was also possible to allow me to use the phone with their permission to call my mother and my ex-husband? They said it would be OK.,  just that I have to ask his secretary for permission and not  to tell any other inmates,.

(I could spend many pages describing how moved they were  about my situation, but at the same time they could not show it, after all, I was their prisoner– yes, with some unheard of privileges).

They were holding back their laughter and smiles over this stupid incident, but the law is the law! They were so cute,  like seeing  that is exactly what they would havce been doing when they were younger, doing these crazy things that they never did, but would have  liked to have done!

Then when we got to the reten it was unusually quiet,  there were some men on the other side of the street, smoking and talking,  but my friendly cops were not there ,so  I went straight  to my hammock with my kitty and went to sleep with dreams of getting out of  Maracaibo and being back in the elegant parts of Caracas.

That Saturday, after gambling until very late, for a change I lost some of may Bolivares, maybe because?– no,  I  am sure,  that the reason I is, I was  getting tire of playing with these guys, they were bad players and did not even knew the rank of cards well. So I drank and drank until I drank almost the hole of a litter bottle of rum by myself. There were several of than,  Saturday’s nights were  like this, ( thats not a surprise to any of you readers that know me).

Ludmila has been whit Peter in scary situations like THE ONDA NUEVA festival

Whit Peter Graves in Onda Nueva Festival in Caracas we had to confront almost Jail whit the mafia union to hired there grow of cameraman, in Onda Nueva festival that the close I ever became in prison ” (before this )…………….

Sunday I was tired but very excited: “I’m going out, out,!” Even if just to go to a Church  that is not mine, (Roman Catholic and I am Eastern Orthodox, you understand the difference?)+ I will see the streets and places; I was thinking that today there was also chance to talk  with Dona Magdalena and her husband the Jefe of this place,  and who knows what else es he? and of course beside being an: lawyer, lets not forget that, so let’s acknowledge that,  in fact he the and has wife may will be my ticket to ride out of here.

They arrived in a new black Cadillac parking  in front of the detention house main doors, Charlie call me out, escorting me too the car: “portate bien” he whispered in my ear.  We wink to each other with an smile.

(God bless  Dona Magdalena and her husband and her husband, at  times I think in retrospect it may have been her nagging her husband to set me free; she became my angel).

" In this photo, I was before in jail but was only a theater play"

” In this photo, I was before in jail but was only a theater play”

I was  dressed with my indian black dress and I did my long hair  on a Grace Kelly bun twist, nice and simple but elegant, very light lipstick very presentable  for Church ,  of course I still had my make up with me, being a model, what do you expect? not overly made up, just very presentable as I said before  for Church.


I  notice that , I must say one thing,  that  in different civilisations women from tropical or latin countries tend to overdo their make up going to church, and the young dressed unprohibited for Church where I came from, of course that was my upbringing from my adored mama.

The smell of this new Cadillac reminded me of the good life, that I all of the sudden became too much, memories came back to my mind, my beloved William dancing in the private clubs, sunbathing in the Tamanaco pool, eating in great elegant restaurants, drinking out of crystal classes, real cloth napkins, etc,. men lighting may cigarettes, pulling my chair, opening the doors, where is all this gone? This was so rough, almost cruel, have to go back, I  miss it!.


Oh yes I missed that life, seeing my mother dress  up for Church,or going to a Russian Ball. All this was spinning  in my mind,  I felt  so weak in my present  nightmare. When is it going to be over?  I want get out of this situation and out of Maracaibo! It is a long and incredible story!

In Church on my knees I prayed and prayed and my tears just roll on by themselves; I could not stop them! Why  am I here?

There was an answer, but I did not know that yet, I was a alcoholic and I did no know at, and  that was that.

All was quiet again in the evening, everyone went to their homes. I did not see Senor Rodriguez or Senorita Pepita that day,  just the two cops, policemen sitting at the table and talking and drinking something.  I noticed they had a deck of cards and I thought: this is getting exciting, maybe I can win some money so I can get that  Wayuu dress I want. I have very few Bolívares, so I have to be very good, or they have to be very bad!

Ludmila before the arrest

Ludmila before the arrest

Ola Officer Pedro! He responded, Señora? Is Pepe okay? Sientese. Thank you,  I will.  Then came Carlos,   now there three card players with Juan there. I said, “So now we are four is good for playing poker no? “

Pepe agreed, “Si señora, you take the dice and tirelos to see who deals!”  Bueno, I picked up the dice and rolled them fast and I had the biggest number, double six, so I dealt the cards. Juan pulled a bottle of rum out of the bag he had with him (a mochila) and passed it around discretely, while Pepe made sure to give me a glass too.


An empty sardine can was our ashtray, and we smoked and played for hours  I was tired and nervous that  if I won too much they would get pissed off at me , so I said I was tired and needed to go to bed. I had made some extra Bolívares that I did no have before! Well, we sure did finish the bottle that night; and to my surprise they were very much the gentlemen and did not say nothing outrageous or crude, simply saying goodnight. Pepe only said, “Señora be prepared- that  there may be  lot of noise tonight, this is Saturday and there will be a lot of rum and aguardiente (these is the local cheap alcoholic beverage)  and ” muchos accidentes. ” I could only imagine what he meant, but I said, “I understand, okay?  Buenas noches,  gracias” and I went off the bed with my winnings.

Anatoly awaiting Ludmila in Canaima

Anatoly awaiting Ludmila in Canaima

But as soon I was sound asleep on my comfy  but dirty hammock, (have to wash it tomorrow),  the noise started up: drunk people with bandages still in:

after they were attended to by the medics; I don’t know what they were doing there, but they were making  lots of racket.

When it cooled off a little and everyone was back where  they were supposed  to be, Pepe knocked on my door and said,  “I have a surprise for you!” He handed me this little black bundle of fur– My kitten! “He was  right by the main street door, you want him?”   Si , si!   Back on my hammock I had the sweetest sleep in a long time,  with this little thing purring into my ears, it sounded just like a lullaby!!!!

And the week went in and out, and it was next Saturday. By then I hand a Wayee Indian black dress with the winnings of my gambling every night, a party accompanied always by rum or aguardiente or sometimes cheap vodka.

This is the third week in this reten (holding place jail), with some medical nurse por mainer things ,  the series once of course stay in hospitals, not here,.   After they  area will,  then they bring them here.

I still hadn’t heard or seen a familiar face and to tell the true I really did not worried  or care I hand booze,  cigarettes , gambling and thats all I care at the moment.

Saturday  before they close the milk giving and all paper worked in all this accidentes , people either went home some and others not  ,The secretary Pepita came to my room, my I came on , of course,( is your  place I  thought to myself,) They worked until 11 in Saturdays and invited me to the office of Licenciado Rodriguez, which by now was familiar to me, with me almost being a working person here for free. “Si Senor, at your service,” I said.  “Please sit down. Are they treating you good?” So. of course Senor Licenciado si!”  I called you in,  for this reason; my wife asked me  to ask you if you would like to go to the Cathedral tomorrow, where? is  Sunday  and is going to be a good service? We would be happy to take you, in our custody of course.”  “Yes yes ( thank your God) yes  if that is possible?  I would love to go with your charming wife and yourself, Senor Licenciado!”


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