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Dancing Flamenco in Seville

Dancing Flamenco in Seville

From London, we went on to Germany where William pick up a Mercedes Benz that he had ordered; they delivered it to our hotel door in Frankfurt! It had a sunroof, four doors and was jet black. I never did care too much about cars. so I didn’t know the price, nor did I care to know! After we came back from the teatro, there in our room were two very sexy women.  To hear the rest you will have to buy the book!

From Frankfurt we drove on to  go skiing on high mountain on the  German Alps, where you could see five mountain peaks from the top of one of the tallest mountains in Europe. After that we went back to  Munich, where William arranged to ship the car over to Venezuela; we proceeded  by train to France. In Paris we stayed at an old fashioned Hotel, almost a private house. I guess  it was what we call today a Boutique hotel. Of course we had dinner on top of the Eiffel tower, then went to the Lido in the heart of Paris. Next day it was the Louvre and it was then I decided that I was not going back with William to Venezuela after all. I wanted to stay in Europe, go to Madrid for a job offer with a designer Rosina, and this was my big chance!

So I left Paris, arriving very early in the morning. I didn’t know where to go or where to stay, but I found a  motel thanks to the pilot of the plane. In those days you could talk to them on the flight. We went from the airport for breakfast, but nada de nada was open until ten in the morning. Then I found Rosina famous Creations boutique, and I went in . I was I was hired on the spot to work almost immediately!   Somebody said “put this dress on please, and call Africa (another house model) to help me out. Well, they hired me to go on a tour all over Spain, real High Fashion runway shows. We traveled through Leon, Castilla la Vieja , Cordoba, Seville  where I dance the night away learning Flamengo on the caves of the gypsies.   Back to Madrid, Africa and I became begin two know each other, she took me everywhere  for Tapas and aperitifs on the outdoors cafes,  under the cinzano umbrellas where Hemingway and Picasso and other fabulous artists had been.

One day Africa had a surprise for me! By now we were very good friends and she knew about my dreams and disappointments. We went to this fantastic bar where all the movie stars went — Carmen Sevilla, Sarita Montiel– and as we had our drinks in our hands, in walks Jorge Mistral himself! I almost fell off the bar stool, so Africa’s boy friend Manolo introduced us. Jorge took my hand and didn’t let go, plastering i n it  long passionate kiss on my hand,  my dear. I was 18yrs. then, but when I was in boarding school at  age of 13 or  I had dreamed of him. Now here he was, en carne y huesos,  right in front of me. I was shivering with anticipation, to hear him speak, his voice was so sexy, at the same soft and full of life.

So we all had lots of drinks and lots of fun then when we were leaving he invites every one of his friends in the bar to go for Easter weekend, which was the following weekend to his home in Alicante , especially instructing Africa and her boyfriend Manolo to make sure to bring me. He had to finish shooting a film before Easter, so we depart with  an until then.

Little did I know at that time that his girlfriend Carmen Sevilla would be furious with me, since he did not go with her and stayed with me in Alicante the whole weekend. At night when the quest live us alone, we lay on the carpet and listened to his voice recordings, the poems of love by Garcia Lorca and many others famous poets. It  seems  strange that he went to the bathroom so many times,  he never mentioned or offer me any  drugs, I  presume he was on coke all the night we  just talking and just enjoying being together,, the cocaine which it was not necessary for me, I was on cloud 9 (even if I tried it with William already) just being there with him was enough, I was still very gullible and did not understand what addiction was..

Working in Spain was fantastic: dancing in the flamenco caves, drinking in taverns and listening to the gypsies sing and play. People would ask me, “Where are your from? Russia, ( soy Rusa, no andaluza, de Andalucía)   The two sounded similar, and in some ways they were not wrong. I felt like a gypsy ……….

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